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ViestiRobo Opentunti Oy Updated 16.02.2024 Buy access
ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 OpenAI Partial data 14.12.2023 Buy access
Matikkakunkku Oddrobo Software AB Updated 13.09.2023 Buy access
TROLLE Nyholm Solutions Oy Ab Product data coming
NVivo NVivo Product data coming
Duunikoutsi Nuorten yrittäjyys ja talous NYT Product data coming
AV1 No Isolation AS Updated 14.03.2024 Buy access
Nimblr Security Awareness Nimblr AB Product data coming Netsupport Ltd Updated 17.01.2024 Buy access
NetSupport School Netsupport Ltd Updated 17.01.2024 Buy access
Vihta-ajanvaraus Netorek Oy Updated 08.03.2024 Buy access
Curiscope Moravia Updated 07.12.2023 Buy access
Robo Wunderkind Moravia Updated 07.12.2023 Buy access
Miro Enterprise Miro Updated 28.11.2023 Buy access
Copilot (Bing Chat Enterprise) Microsoft Partial data 14.12.2023 Buy access
MAOL2 MFKA-Kustannus Oy Updated 11.12.2023 Buy access
Mentimeter Mentimeter Product data coming
Mediamaisterin Oppimisalusta (LMS) Mediamaisteri Updated 27.10.2023 Buy access
Mediaflow Mediaflow Europe AB Updated 10.07.2023 Buy access
Maxtech Pro & Easy Maxtech Oy Updated 19.03.2024 Buy access
RealGame Magisys Ltd / RealGame Business Training Updated 16.11.2023 Buy access
Lyyti Lyyti Updated 24.10.2023 Buy access
LimeSurvey LimeSurvey GmbH Updated 29.02.2024 Buy access
Liana-uutiskirje ja markkinoinnin automaatio Liana Technologies Product data coming
LessonApp LessonApp Product data coming
LATO Leadership Automation LATO Leadership Automation Product data coming
LanSchool Air Lanschool Updated 26.03.2024 Buy access
Kuntamaisema Kuntamaisema Product data coming
Kodarit video-opetuspaketit ala-ja yläkoulujen koodausopetukseen Koodikaverit Oy Updated 12.02.2024 Buy access
Kindiedays Kindiedays Updated 25.09.2023 Buy access
Kahoot (Free/demo, Edu and Work) Kahoot Updated 01.08.2023 Buy access Kahoot Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
Jamf Jamf Product data coming
Itslearning itslearning Finland Product data coming
ITONICS Innovation OS - Professional Itonics Product data coming
iSpring Suite maintenance iSpring Product data coming
Group Office - open source groupware and CRM Intermesh B.V. Updated 07.12.2023 Buy access
Inspera Assessment Inspera AS Updated 14.11.2023 Buy access
Inspera Integrity Browser Inspera AS Updated 14.11.2023 Buy access
Inspera Proctoring Inspera AS Updated 14.11.2023 Buy access
Innoduel Innoduel Updated 09.01.2024 Buy access
Lukulumo ILT Education Updated 04.12.2023 Buy access
GDPR-sovelluskirjasto Ilona IT Oy Updated 15.04.2024
iDiD iDiD Oy Product data coming
Howspace Howspace Updated 22.06.2023 Buy access
Plan-365 Housatonic Software Product data coming
Molla Hehto Product data coming
Myyrän mielikasvikset Hehto Product data coming
HeadAI HeadAI Updated 08.11.2023 Buy access
GraphoGame GraphoGame Product data coming
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