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ABBYY FineReader PDF Abbyy Product data coming
Adobe CC Adobe Partial data 01.09.2023 Buy access
Adobe Connect Adobe Connect Updated 01.09.2023 Buy access
Adobe Learning Manager Adobe Connect Product data coming
AfterShop Pro Alludo Product data coming
Aimoa | Luottamushenkilöt Eduix Ltd Updated 08.01.2024 Buy access
Ajanvarausohjelma / Instructor Meeting Time Booking System Asio-Data Oy Updated 03.10.2023 Buy access
AliasEDU videokirjasto AliasEDU Updated 23.08.2023 Buy access
Appspace Appspace Inc. Updated 02.10.2023 Buy access
ArcGIS Online Esri Product data coming
ATLAS.ti ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH Updated 26.02.2024 Buy access
AV1 No Isolation AS Product data coming
AwesomeScreenshot AwesomeScreenshot Updated 26.09.2023 Buy access
AWS AWS Product data coming
BandLab BandLab Technologies Partial data 09.02.2024 Buy access
Binogi Binogi Finland Updated 13.12.2023 Buy access
BulbEd School account Bulb Updated 31.08.2023 Buy access
Candour ID Candour Oy Product data coming
Canva Canva Partial data 13.12.2023 Buy access
Ceepos - maksamisen ratkaisut CPU Oy Updated 30.08.2023 Buy access
ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 OpenAI Partial data 14.12.2023 Buy access Class Updated 08.08.2023 Buy access Netsupport Ltd Updated 17.01.2024 Buy access
Conceptboard Conceptboard Cloud Service GmbH Updated 25.08.2023 Buy access
Copilot (Bing Chat Enterprise) Microsoft Partial data 14.12.2023 Buy access
Corel Academic Site License Alludo Product data coming
Corel Pinnacle Studio Alludo Product data coming
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Alludo Updated 14.09.2023 Buy access
CorelDraw Technical Suite Alludo Updated 14.09.2023 Buy access
Cosmo App Filisia Interfaces Ltd Updated 05.12.2023 Buy access
Cryptomator Hub Skymatic GmbH Product data coming
Cuckoo-Taukoliikunta­sovellus Cuccoo Updated 23.08.2023 Buy access
Curiscope Moravia Updated 07.12.2023 Buy access Agendium Updated 23.01.2024 Buy access
Desku Opentunti Oy Updated 16.02.2024 Buy access
Discord Discord Partial data 05.02.2024 Buy access
Duunikoutsi Nuorten yrittäjyys ja talous NYT Product data coming
E-lomake Eduix Ltd Updated 27.09.2023 Buy access
Easy GDPR tietosuojapalvelu D-fence Oy Updated 20.09.2023 Buy access
Echo ALP Echo360 Product data coming
EDB EDB Product data coming
Eduplan Aini Eduix Ltd Updated 28.09.2023 Buy access
Eduplan Ella Eduix Ltd Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
Eduplan Ilmoittautumispalvelu Eduix Ltd Updated 27.09.2023 Buy access
Eduplan Lukkarikone Eduix Ltd Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
Eduplan OJP Eduix Ltd Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
Eduplan SDG Scorecard Eduix Ltd Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
Efecte Efecte Updated 25.08.2023 Buy access
Elastic - Enterprise Resource Unit 64 GB Elastic Product data coming
Elastic - Online Training Subscription Elastic Product data coming
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