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Quizizz Quizizz Inc. Partial data 22.12.2023 Buy access
Quizlet Quizlet, Inc. Partial data 29.01.2024 Buy access
Reactored kieltenoppimisympäristö Reactored Updated 31.07.2023 Buy access
Recast Privilege Manager Recast Product data coming
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Updated 23.08.2023 Buy access
Red Hat Open Shift Red Hat Updated 23.08.2023 Buy access
Replit Replit Product data coming
Priima Saarni Learning Oy Updated 18.12.2023 Buy access
Nepton Saarni Nepton Updated 06.10.2023 Buy access
Sanako Connect Sanako Updated 18.09.2023 Buy access
LääkeMaisteri Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu (valmistaja) Product data coming
Seesaw Learning Seesaw Updated 09.11.2023 Buy access Updated 04.09.2023 Buy access
Showbie Showbie Inc. Updated 09.02.2024 Buy access
Socrative Showbie Inc. Product data coming
Skhole Skhole Oy Updated 13.10.2023 Buy access
Lumio SMART Technologies ULC Product data coming
SMOWL Smiley Owl Tech SL Updated 23.08.2023 Buy access
SoleCris Solenovo Product data coming
Solemove Solenovo Product data coming
SoleTM Solenovo Product data coming
Studenta Solenovo Product data coming
Sphero EDU App Sphero Updated 28.11.2023 Buy access
Sphero Edu Jr - for indi Sphero Updated 19.10.2023 Buy access
Sphero Play App Sphero Updated 18.10.2023 Buy access
Sumo Edu Sumo Apps Product data coming
Suse Suse Product data coming
Rescuebusters EduCycle Syrawise Updated 08.01.2024 Buy access
ThingLink Thinglink Updated 17.10.2023 Buy access
Go+ TicTac Learn AB Product data coming
Trilio Trilio Product data coming
ExamSoft Turnitin Product data coming
iThenticate Turnitin Product data coming
iThenticate 2.0 Turnitin Partial data Buy access
Turnitin Feedback Studio Turnitin Product data coming
Turnitin SimCheck, Similarity, Originality Turnitin Product data coming
Tuudo Tuudo Oy Product data coming
Näppistaituri Typing Master Finland Oy Updated 06.10.2023 Buy access
Tähtikartta Ursa Updated 27.08.2023 Buy access
Viope Viope Education Oy Product data coming
Virtual Dawn Virtual Daw n Oy Updated 04.08.2023 Buy access
Wilma Visma Aquila Oy Updated 20.12.2023 Buy access
Plandisc Visma Plandisc A/S Updated 26.02.2024 Buy access
Vuolearning-oppimisalusta Vuolearning Product data coming
Padlet Wallwisher, Inc. DBA Padlet Updated 05.12.2023 Buy access
Summium CPQ Wapice Ltd Product data coming
MathType for LMS/CMS Wiris Product data coming
MathType for office tools Wiris Updated 28.08.2023 Buy access
WirisQuizzes Wiris Updated 30.08.2023 Buy access
Workseed LMS Workseed Oy Updated 21.08.2023 Buy access
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